The Matrixes

The Matrixes

rondeau workIn my steel art, I specialise in cylindric cut-out matrix sculptures for parks, entrance halls, even interiors, but mostly gardens and vestibules, partly amplified through colour and leaf gilding.

I call them ‚Matrixes‘, and they narrate the story of a city, a company, a private person, a family or tale, by dance figures cut out of steel. The story can be told to me by the buyer in several personal sessions beforehand or found by research. A Matrix shows a choreography of steps and gestures I create and which actually can be performed by dancers, thus be solemnly inaugurated with dance and music.

The Matrixes merge protection, simplicity, pureness and strength and appear light, almost fragile at the same time. The spectator experiences freedom and safety fused in this piece of art.

There are three different species of Matrixes so far:

  • the large scale Walk-In Sculptures
  • the mid scale Accessible Sculptures
  • the various sized Implantation Sculptures

My Walk-In Sculptures foster the development of new thoughts as they change your perception of the proximity. You are able to let yourself float into new horizons whilst buzzing in energies being created by new discoveries of your mind. The Matrix is a ring of steel, 3m diameter minimum, and at least 2,10m of height. No limitations in size. Cut-out sculptures can be installed either around the Matrix or in affiliated companies or branches abroad, even in the different mansions of a large family, whilst the Matrix stays in the head office or the parent house.

These are perfect spaces to arrange important, decision-making meetings - you enter the space, a special space, that makes you focus on the essences, sit down in a circle, just like in ancient times inside the germanic ‚Thing‘ (pronounced ‚ting‘), a meeting point of the tribal council in the Germanic Culture. Further for brainstormings or even sophisticated dinner parties in an extraordinary setting.

My Accessible Sculptures have a smaller diameter, a maximum of 1,50m, just enough for one or two persons to withdraw from a busy life. The works are there to find refuge for oneself. They can be installed in your garden, on your roof top terrace, even in your lounge.

My Implantation Sculptures are made to plant something in them. To make a statement. I start a metamorphosis of art and nature to merge them into one piece. First, the cylindric art piece is kind of wrapped around nature, as soon as eg a tree is planted inside. Then, many years later, this tree will almost swell through the cut-out spaces, taking the art in until it is fully swallowed. The two realms are inseparably connected. A poetic long-term project.

All of the Matrixes can be leaf gilded inside, painted with a tale, equipped with a welded-on message or embellished in other ways.